Tiru Sattu

Exhaustive product information, expert advice, meticulous follow up, competitive pricing, and to top it all, their passionate customer service attitude; all these together made my experience with them a pleasurable and a productive one. If you are looking to avoid a corporate setup and their heavy price tag, if you are looking for the one-on-one personal care, then this is the go-to place for everyone' speech and hearing related aid.

Prachi Goel

This one has to be the best. I came to the center at around 7 and it get closed by 8. But i left the center at 930. The reason i mentioned this is because of the outstanding behavior they had. Mr. Anil Kumar left no stone unturned to make sure that we have the best of hearing aid. Gave trial for all the possible hearing aid we were looking for. We have been to many centers and hospital in the past but everyone seems to be in a hurry and just wanted to sell. But this center is unbelievable. I m really thankful for attending us for such a long time. The smile on the patient face is awesome. Thank you Mr. Anil and team.

Naresh Kumar

Anil is highly experienced and he talks very nicely....and very much approachable person for any queries. I have visited this clinic for my Dad, and I am rating 5/5.

Prasanthi Kambhampati

Very good interaction with Dr. Shalini. At Mythri clinic. Professional and helpful approach . Strongly suggested to visit in case of a requirement for any hearing or speech issues or advice.

Sai Swaroop Rallabandi

Thanks to Shalini for her response. She is very patient and has helped us in solving ear pain of my wife.

Pooja Maram

Superb Experience. Special thanks to Shalini for taking very good care on the speech therapy for my brother’s son. We observed a lot of improvement. Highly recommended for any therapy or hearing related issues.

Vijay Bhasker

We need hearing aids(cic) for my father on urgent basis, Sandeep arranged everything on time and that too at good price. We are highly satisfied by the way they arranged the tests and on time delivery of hearing aids. Recommended :).

Ravi Tej

My mother has hearing issue from past 10 years. So I was searching for good hearing aid clinic which try to resolve my other hearing loss issue. My suggested this clinic and I have also read some reviews. So I visited the clinic and the doctors here are very knowledgeable and quick to find out my mother hearing issue. Dr. Raghavendra was friendly and explained us very clearly with best suggestion. They have done few tests about hearing loss and this suggested a hearing aid based on test result. Also they have adjusted the settings of hearing aid for perfect hearing. This is the best clinic in town with multiple branches in city. You can visit any branch based on your ease.detai

Sree Pooja Bendapudi

Dr. Sandeep explained about various models of hearing aids and clarified our doubts. Mr. Raghu travelled to our home and did the required tests. He is very patient and helped setting up the right pair. We are very satisfied with their service and behaviour.

K Jithender Reddy

Our grand father had a hearing problem while searching for hearing center. We got to know about Mythri Speech & Hearing center. They assigned a qualified employee of Mythri and provided hearing aids after looking into the problem. The assigned person Dr. Raghavendra is very professional and had a good knowledge about hearing technology. He is very patient and polite. Thanks for providing great service Mythri.

Mani Kanta

Very good interaction with Dr. Raghavendra. At Mythri clinic. Professional and helpful approach good hospitality genuine treatment best advisor for hearing aids.

Sriloju Sowjanya

Amazing Service from Dr. Sandeep and Dr. Raghavendra. Got my grandpa hearing problem resolved with Apt solution within quick time. Thank you soo much for your excellent service. I definitely refer to my people 100%.

Kriti Sweta

The doctor in Mythri is professional in handling patients. He listens to the problem patiently and provides apt solution. We needed to buy a hearing aid, and he recommended a good product in a reasonable price, much better than what we were getting at other big hospitals in Hyderabad. I recommend him for all your hearing related issues.

Ramarao Koppuravuri

As per the name, faculty is very friendly here. I came to the clinic through my friends referral for my ear problem. Dr. Sandeep's patience and expertise was very much helpful to cure my problem. Dr's explanation and time given to me as a patient is very much satisfactory. Charge is worth and relatively less comparatively in market. I suggest this is my friends and family. I Heard speech aid is excellent here while talking to other patients during waiting. Thanks Mythri and Dr. Sandeep

Pantulu Chinta

We have purchased hearing Aids from this hearing center under the guidance of Dr. Sandeep. The Dr. Sandeep is very knowledgeable and having a lot of patience. He guides to the minute details. He gives more priority for service rather than for getting profit from the products. On our complaint regarding a problem on the working of one out of two hearing Aids, after 18 months from purchase, he took keen interest and got done the service from the manufacturer. He did all this job within a very short period. We recommend him for consulting to all types of hearing problems including purchase of New hearing Aids of reputed companies. Regards, C. Indira Pantulu