Resound Omnia


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Sounds Natural

Hear in Noise and all around

Now you can hear all the details you couldn't before in noisy situations. Automatically tune in to what's happening around you, from any angle.

Enjoy the natural sound of your voice

Now you can join conversations and talk without your voice sounding loud or artificial to you.

Feels Natural

Our best wearing comfort with every style

Now you can forget you're wearing hearing aids. Enjoy natural sound with our latest small design. It's mini and elegant with soft lines and sits comfortably on your ears. Comfort is what people look for in hearing aids no matter the style or experience level.

Feels Natural

Other popular small styles

Now you can also choose custom-made ReSound OMNIA™ hearing aids. Select our smallest style yet that hides in your ears or rechargeable designs that look like earbuds.

Connect You Naturally

Greater streaming straight to your ears

  • Now you can stream audio, calls and hear it all without interruptions, even hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad*.
  • ReSound OMNIA is made for iPhone and iPad and works with Android™ devices. Check compatibility.
  • You can also connect to our wireless accessories.

Feels Natural

All-day power & All-weatherproof

  • Now you can enjoy your day without even thinking about your hearing.
  • All-day battery power on 1 charge - even when streaming 100% of the time.**
  • Every part of the hearing aids is protected with nanocoating.