Virto Paradise


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Custom made hearing aid

Phonak Virto™ Paradise


Virto Paradise is custom made to fit the exact shape of your ears, with unrivaled* sound quality for your everyday listening needs. Plus, Phonak Virto P-312 provides universal connectivity which allows you to seamlessly stream audio content from numerous Bluetooth® enabled devices.¹

  • Fits your exact ear shape
  • Provides brilliant speech understanding 1, 2
  • Offers crisp natural sound 3

Made to fit your lifestyle

Virto Paradise is an in-the-ear hearing aid just for you, equipped with several impressive features that optimize your hearing experience throughout the day, no matter what life throws at you.

Custom-made to fit your ear

Custom created to fit the exact shape of your ear, making it more discreet and less prominent, and easier to wear with glasses.

Sleek and stylish design

Whether modern and black or discreet and durable, Virto P is designed specifically with you in mind. Virto Paradise comes in a variety of models including the stylish Virto P-312 with a smooth, modern, black design that resembles ear buds. If you wish to have a discreet and durable hearing solution, Virto Paradise Titanium is your choice. Virto Paradise Titanium is the 3rd generation of the world’s first hearing aid made from titanium with a 15x stronger shell than acrylic.

Universal connectivity

Virto P-312 connects to smartphones, TV, and more to keep up with your busy life. Plus, you can easily switch between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth® capabilities. In addition, Virto P-312 can distinguish between streamed speech and music for a seamless listening experience.

Compatible with Roger devices

Virto was designed to work seamlessly with Roger devices, which improve hearing in situations with background noise and when there is distance between the speaker and listener.

Enjoy conversations with Speech Enhancer

Virto Paradise has been created to deliver crisp natural sound3 to enjoy the wonders of the world as they should be heard. Understanding someone who is speaking softly or from a distance in a quiet environment can be challenging. Speech Enhancer boosts soft-level speech, so you can enjoy conversations with friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Connectivity and compatibility

MyPhonak, it’s not just another app it’s the smart way to get the most out of your Virto P-312 hearing aids.


Remote Control:

Adjust and control the volume of your hearing aids by selecting a program or scenario or personalize the sound with advanced features.

Remote Support:

Your Phonak hearing aid can be remotely adjusted, in real time by your hearing care professional.

My Hearing Aids:

Get more information about your hearing aids’ battery status, personalized programs and statistics.

Roger On™

Versatile microphone designed to make conversations clearer in difficult and constantly changing listening situations. It provides stereo sound and recognizes the direction sounds are coming from.

Roger Select™

When placed on a table, this device automatically selects the person who’s talking. When multiple conversations are going on at once, the user can manually select whom to listen to.

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