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Activity tracker

Phonak Audéo Fit™


One of Phonak’s most innovative designs, the Audéo Fit goes beyond hearing improvement and brings a more holistic health functionality to your hearing aids.

  • Build healthy habits by tracking distance and steps, activity levels, average wearing time, and heart rate in the myPhonak app*
  • Connect to smartphones, TV, Roger™ devices, and more with Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Unrivaled sound quality**, crisp natural sound2, and brilliant speech understanding1,3,4
  • Includes two performance levels to best suit your lifestyle needs: Premium (P90) and Advanced (P70)

All our hearing aids are for active lifestyles

Audéo Fit has an array of features that you can enjoy throughout your active day.

Universal connectivity

Universal connectivity allows you to pair with Bluetooth® enabled smartphones, TVs, and Roger™ devices.

Tap control

Tap control allows you to access multiple functions of your hearing aid by simply tapping twice on the hearing aid or pinna.

Benefits of health data tracking*

Tracking physical activity can motivate you to engage more with your health.⁵ When Audéo Fit is paired with the myPhonak app, it can track and display your live heart rate, resting heart rate, and an overview of your heart rate on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.* Lower resting heart rate is linked to better health over the long-term⁶.

When paired with the myPhonak app, Audéo Fit enables fitness tracking at your fingertips by tracking activities such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Steps taken and distance walked or ran
  • Customizable goals

Color options

  • Silver Gray
  • Chestnut
  • Sand Beige

Smartphones and other devices

myPhonak app

Audéo Fit pairs with the myPhonak app and Bluetooth® enabled devices, great for people with an active lifestyle or for hearing aid wearers looking for some additional motivation.

Roger™ Wireless Microphones

Discreet microphones that transmit a speaker’s voice directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants.

TV Connector for hearing aids

A wireless hearing aid accessory that streams TV and music directly to your hearing aids using Bluetooth® technology.

Phonak™ RemoteControl

A simple, handheld remote made to easily control your Phonak hearing aids without fumbling or being distracted.

Phonak™ PartnerMic

A discreet and easy-to-use microphone that attaches to your partner's lapel to improve hearing during one-on-one conversations.

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