Pure Charge &Go AX


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Our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology lets you follow conversations with ease, even in difficult listening situations.

Key features:

  • Augmented Xperience
  • Auto EchoShield
  • Own Voice Processing 2.0
  • Android & iPhone connectivity
  • Recharge on-the-go
  • eWindScreen
  • HandsFree for iOS
  • Augmented Speech Understanding
  • AI Digital Assistant
  • AX Soundscape Processing

Augment your hearing Xperience

Pure Charge&Go AX offer an unprecedented hearing experience that goes beyond previous natural-sounding solutions. We call this augmented hearing that strives to deliver outstanding speech clarity with an amazing immersive soundscape in any situation.

These high-tech devices use our ground-breaking Augmented Xperience platform. It is inspired by the same principle as in 3D movies where key images appear directly in front of you while the background remains further away. This is possible because we have, for the first time, two separate processors: one for sounds in focus, like your conversation partner’s voice, the other for surroundings.

Pure Charge&Go AX stand up to any acoustic challenge to let you Be Brilliant – all day, every day.

Hearing isn’t always easy – a big group of people talking at the same time, too much background noise. The new Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids unravel this confusing array of sounds so you can focus with ease on what you want to hear.

Pure Charge&Go AX is also available in a telecoil (T) version for those who want to connect directly to audio loop systems.

Charging on-the-go

These sleek modern all-rounders are rechargeable, giving you up to 36 hours of use on a single charge with 5 hours of streaming.

Pure Charge&Go AX models come with a compact charger with the option to upgrade to a portable or Dry&Clean charger

  • Pure Charger
  • Pure Portable Charger
  • Pure Dry&Clean

Connectivity and app control

The full Pure Charge&Go AX range connects to the Signia app, which contains the Signia Assistant and TeleCare support. Using artificial intelligence, the Signia Assistant offers you immediate support whenever you need to adjust settings.

AI powered personal sound

The revolutionary Signia Assistant in the Signia app lets you optimize the sound for you personally in real-life situations.

The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia app lets you contact your hearing care professional via your smartphone whenever you need remote support.

Get extra support on the spot

Signia TeleCare enables you to keep in touch with your hearing care professional, so you get support when you need it. So you can Be Brilliant in any situation.

Pure C&G AX

Pure Charge&Go AX is Signia’s smallest rechargeable RIC – ideal for experienced and first-time hearing aid wearers who are looking for a sleek aesthetic device that is fully featured.

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Graphite
  • Dark Champagne
  • Silver (new)
  • Pearl White
  • Fine Gold
  • Deep Brown
  • Sandy Brown
  • Rose Gold
  • Beige